CrossHill путешествует по городам
CrossHill путешествует по городам
I do not think I've ever see the day when Ukraine will begin popularized jogging. After the marathon in the White Church in 2013, I ran Marathon du Medoc in 2014 and on their skin felt the difference between "our" and "ihnimi" marathon. The first time I was preparing for a marathon, I really like that the event was not just a sport, and sports and entertainment. Did not work out. But Chernivtsi in this regard exceeded my expectations.


It is worth noting that in Chernivtsi just lazy did not know about this event. Citilayts, posters, shop windows were covered with advertisements Half Marathon. It is not surprising, because the organizers - the advertising agency APS. However, I learned everything (as often happens) from the Jura.
Regarding the preparation - I ran very poorly. This year, I had a total of 4 training: 2x10 km, 15 km and 21 km. The average rate - 6:40 min / km. However, I traveled by bicycle. But for me, 21 km distance is not significant, but the pace is not important, because I do not look forward to any place.

Scurry for help

There was a small school. In the schedule, it was stated that the medical certificate is not needed (I have it, by the way, surprise). Help, I do not, but for 3 days before the start (on Thursday), I received a letter by email that help is urgently needed to make, as city government's health suddenly began to worry much.
Races in European cities are very popular in recent years

There were no signs of trouble ...

It warned too late, but I still highlighted on Thursday a few hours and went to the nat. Dispensary at Stetsenko. So 15:40. Thursday. I went to the desk, picked up his card. We sent three cabinet. I went to the first (# 15) - "We have a computer turned off, come back tomorrow.".

Reserves 2. Oxford Medical

Hmmm ... I was really disappointed, because I specifically singled out for reference time. He breaks away from the living, so to speak. On the way home, I ran into the Oxford Medical - private clinic. Rumor has it together with the clinic "Dew Drop" to inspect and issue certificates for the Kiev marathon. I went into the registry:

- I need a medical certificate, blah, blah ...

- We do not give references!

- I need the help of any form. Do you have a therapist? Let me look a doctor prescribe a piece of paper that I'm healthy / sick and stamp.

- ... Yes, the therapist is, but it is only Monday.

Hmmm ... I started to get angry.

Municipal clinic

A little later (around 17:00) I had to drop to the center, and I decided to go to the clinic to Lesya Ukrainka. The clinic is open until 19:00. He came at 17:30. Did not have time. Precinct doctor works until 17:00. But still, I think, without ECG I would not have issued a certificate and ECG - only in the morning. All surrender. I spend on a quest to get help 2.5 hours of working time. The result is zero. I have a scan last year's reference can ride.

Registration of participants and reception packages

Pre-registration was scheduled for Saturday. Registration took place at soborke, there stretches an exhibition sport and tourism goods. I rode a bike with Pauline and quickly took shape.
The party package includes:
  • Backpack for shoes;
  • Envelope with the starting number;
  • 2 magnets on the refrigerator (or boiler, as I have);
  • Voucher for 1 pizza with a great name «Pizza Party»;
  • A pile of waste paper.
In addition still be water and food in the distance, the medal, the organization of all this (that is important). Very good, considering that the entry fee is 200 USD ..
Although I have ever done some normal Pizza / Pasta Party, or would not issue such stamps in general. The essence of the event do not ball pizza, right?
My number of runners

The day of the race

Distance consisted of 4 laps - 2 smaller and 2 larger. We started in the general crowd. The first 2 laps to run very easily. But the pace of 6 min / km was too big, and in the second half of the race I had slowed. I increasingly began to overtake the "horses", but I overtook a few people (mostly on the rise). Yura looked a bit and I was running already one.
On the course, I was constantly drenched with water. Although it was not very hot, fluid loss was felt. I am constantly cheered a large number of people - friends and even people unfamiliar to me. In many areas, the distance was "a ball" - mimes, artists and musicians. Escape was a pleasure.
When running - fun


2-3 kilometers before the finish I started specifically to "break." I feel real lack of energy. Strong support has helped - I've never moved on a step, even though the time was more than enough. I never had not thought that the 21 km I once would be so hard to escape. And he finish! At the finish I was given an apple, banana and waters. It was probably the most delicious apple in my life! I came 118th out of 122 arrivals were locked.
What can I say? I am, in truth, very satisfied with the race. CrossHill Half Marathon was held at a decent level, although not without jambs. By the way, as in the marathon at the White Church, a medal at the finish was not given. They promised to send later.
At the finish


Thank you very much to the authors for providing the photo: Chernіvetsky tourism center, Sporinіna Tetyana Tadeїvna, Geometry Chernivtsi.


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